Learn More About Underwater Treadmills for Hydrotherapy

Advanced Therapy Technology

Introducing the DogsAtWork Canine Underwater Treadmill for veterinary rehabilitation.

We have conducted extensive research leading to the design of the next generation underwater treadmill. Technical research for feasibility, safety, ergonomics, and ease of maintenance and repair resulted in a new, game-changing system for rehabilitation practitioners.

Cutting edge research and engineering are what we do best, and distinguish us from everyone else.  A modular design.  Unequaled ease of use.  The DogsAtWork design provides a clean and healthy environment for dogs and care givers alike,  lowers maintenance and ownership costs, and increases patient treatments per day, all saving you time and money. 

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Unique Design

> Treat dogs from outside of the tank
> No water storage tank required
> Treat more dogs per day
> Simplified cleaning & maintenance
> Lowest down time
> Major parts easily swapped in & out
> Upgradable to a combination treadmill and lap pool